Rwanda plans to make Kigali more attractive in the near future

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Rwanda plans to

While the capital of Rwanda is growing day by day, the access between the city center and its outskirts is still hard for vehicle drivers and walkers. Authorities say to have plans to construct more infrastructures mainly composed by tarmac roads in order to make Kigali more accessible and attractive for business and a better place to live in.

The City of Kigali plans to install those new tarmac routes in and around the capital to improve access between the city centre and its outskirts. Kigali is said to be a very quick growing city and the population is concerned about the roads which are now overloaded by traffic congestion.

To solve the problem for a long term, the government has ordered the Kigali city authorities to put in place a plan suitable with the growth of the population, business and economic activities. This will be done alongside with the expansion of Kigali International airport which is also reaching its optimal operational capacity.

It is a two year plan, estimated at around 60 million US dollars. According to the mayor of Kigali city Fidele Ndayisaba, the plan will cover a distance of 47 km. “We want to build on the success of the last financial year by going straight ahead with programs that enhance urbanization, planned settlements and sustainable infrastructure”, the Mayor of Kigali has said.

Even though roads construction is taking place according to the new master plan, the capital of Rwanda is composed by hilly terrains which pose great challenges in establishing modern infrastructures that are suitable with the growth of the city.

“A hilly city looks beautiful, but it comes along with challenges that affect economic activities and also increases the cost of road construction. We hope that by the end of this financial year, the physical master plans for the three districts that compose Kigali will be completed to enhance infrastructural growth.” The mayor of Kigali has told journalists.

Last year, Kigali city Council constructed 21.2 km of tarmac roads out of the planned 24.5 km to decongest the ever-busy city centre as part of a three-year program running from 2010 whose budget was Rwf 13 billion ($ 22 million).

To curb the surging traffic, the council will also rehabilitate and expand some main roads across the city as well as a 34 km of new Marrum roads in and around Kigali. Having already an environmental friendly plan, these infrastructural plans would make Kigali maintain the status of being the cleanest and safest city in East Africa.


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