Kayonza residents disapprove city master plan

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Residents of Kayonza District say their town council is over ambitious, claiming that it has set City master plan which do not reflect their economic status and is exaggerated.

Residents are worried that they won’t be able to reach expectations of the town master plan, arguing that the town council demands them to build high class houses without considering that some dwellers are low income earners.

m_Kayonza residents disapprove city master plan

The master plan for the Kayonza town central part

This new program encourages constructing houses according to the given master plan that expects all houses to be of high standards. Houses built with trees or other poor materials are destroyed.

‘To some people in this town, building the houses they are expected of is like a dream. A person who has never had one Million is asked to build a house worth Rwf20 Million” wonders Issa Mugabo a resident of Mukarange sector.

 m_Kayonza residents disapprove city master plan1

A house like the bone in the photo above is of poor quality according to Kayonza authorities. Residents are asked to destroy such poor buildings

Before anyone starts constructing a house in Kayonza town, a construction permit from the Housing Commission should be offered after examining land and the kind of house to be built based on the master plan of the district.

Most of the time, people say they find the houses they are expected to build beyond their means and build the houses they are capable of but ‘illegally’.

The town council has therefore decided to destroy houses built illegally which makes the situation worse for the residents.

The town council held a meeting about housing on 31st 01, reviewing their meeting last year 2013 when they had decided that the district administration should work with Rwanda Housing Authority to discuss how to change the master plan.

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